Safety Tips

General Advice

  • Always tell an adult where you are going.
  • Always carry identification with you.
  • Do not cut through unlit areas (alleys, woods, etc.).
  • Always have a travel route planned.
  • Wear reflective, light colored-clothing at both day and night.
  • Check the weather before you leave.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Do not talk to strangers.
  • Walk facing traffic. Be sure cars can see you.
  • Always wear appropriate, comfortable shoes: snug in the heel, flexible soles and lots of room for your toes.
  • Use sidewalks when available.
  • Avoid using headphones and cell phones. They could be distracting.
  • Never accept rides from strangers.
  • If a driver pulls to the curb to ask directions, do not get too close to the vehicle.
  • If you are being followed, go to the nearest business or trustworthy adult for help.
  • If you are being harassed by occupants in a car, turn around and walk in the opposite direction.
  • If you see something out of the ordinary, report it to your parents, teachers or the police.
  • Always try to walk with a buddy or a group.
  • If possible carry a cell phone for use in an emergency.
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